Alberta Power Market Update

Dear Subscribers,

In the interest of providing a more holistic view of the Canadian Power Market, this site has been transitioned to the Alberta Power Market on BLG’s website and moving forward, you will be transferred to this site automatically. The Alberta Power Market team remain passionate about Alberta’s power market and we are excited to continue sharing information and ideas, with the view to encourage discussion by stakeholders.

We look forward to introducing you to our legal colleagues at BLG, who regularly work in the power markets in Ontario, Quebec, British Columbia and other provinces. We’re excited to exchange ideas, perspectives, and lessons (and perhaps occasionally spar) with our colleagues in these other jurisdictions, and share our ideas and initiatives with you.

Remaining as a loyal subscriber and supporter of the Alberta Power Market is our friend and colleague, Kent Howie, who has recently begun an exciting new chapter as Senior Advisor to the Deputy Minister of Finance. We will continue to provide the thought provoking insights that Kent originally inspired.

Should you have questions, comments or topic ideas, please feel free to contact Peter Bryan or any member of the BLG Alberta Power Market team. We would be honored to represent you with respect to your business activities in Alberta’s power market and to introduce you to our partners in the rest of Canada. We look forward to connecting with you on our new platform.

To stay up to date with BLG’s Alberta Power Market insights, events, and more, please click here to subscribe.

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